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How to activate your Xahau account for Free with the Xaman Wallet

This tutorial will show you how to activate your Xahau account for free with the Xaman Wallet by verifying the ownership of your XRP-Ledger wallet.


How To Connect To The Xahau Network With an XRPL Wallet (Xaman)

To get started, first open and unlock your Xaman wallet. From the Home Screen, select the xApps icon and scroll down to select the Xahau Import Tool.

Once you’ve read and understood the description, accept the terms and conditions and select next. Then choose next again to import the selected account into Xahau. Then press execute accountset to sign a transaction proving ownership of the account. After signing this XRP Ledger transaction, press next. Then, select import account. You’ll then be prompted to switch to the Xahau Network to sign the import transaction. After signing successfully, the import process is complete.

To toggle between the Xahau Network and the XRP Ledger Network, press the button in the upper right corner to change between networks.

Note: The same account and key can be used on both the XRP Ledger and the Xahau networks. No XRP are lost or burned by completing the Xahau account activation process other than the normal transaction fee, and once the process is complete you’ll be given 2 XAH tokens on the XAH network. 1 for an account reserve and 1 for the ability to set trustlines, create escrows, and more.

Xahau Import Tool Link:
Xaman Wallet:


You don't really import anything, your wallet is already on the Xahau network. But by using the tool you will get the wallet activation cost of 1 xah token sent to you for free.

What this tool does is basically verifying that you aren't activating wallets randomly (spam prevention).

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