Sologenic - The Largest XRPL Token
Safe And Easy
Track Price And Trade XRPL Tokens

At you can easily track historical prices of the xrpl tokens you trade. You are also able to easily see the orderbook and your trade history.

Safe to use

When engaging with Sologenic you actually engage with the XRPLedger directly. Sologenic is an interface communicating with the xrpledger and there is no technical way for sologenic to access your wallet, the XRP-Ledger makes sure of that.

Easy to use

The Sologenic Decentralized Exchange is easy to use and we are here to make it even easier by providing tutorials and support.

The Vision
We want to tokenize the stock market

The Grand and Achievable vision of Sologenic is to tokenize the stock market on the XRP-Ledger.

The Platform Is Done

The tokenization system and stock market platform is actually already done (or at least very close to done), what we are waiting for right now is a regulatory approval. Hopefully we will get it soon!

Ready For Action

The Platform has been created and is ready for action, you can even try a Demo version of it at

Good Crypto On the XRPledger

Finding exciting projects on the XRP-Ledger is quite a challenge. This website is created by a bunch of XRP-Ledger fans whom have a common interest: Sologenic. We find the project exciting for several different reasons, but mainly because we want the stock market to be tokenized on the xrpledger.

A tokenized stock market could increase the global financial inclusion and allow people without access to safe and stable financial instruments to save money and participate on the stockmarkets.

Globally there are about 1.4 billion unbanked adults. The XRP-Ledger is a very possible solution for banking them, and Sologenic is a very possible solution to allow them participate on the markets.

A good crypto on the xrpledger should have a large vision, stable foundation and an actual use-case.

Sologenic Whitepaper page 12(13)

Sologenic Functionalities

From this authors perspective, Sologenic is a part of the joy and excitement on the xrpledger. There are several innovative products and we're always on top of XRPL upgrades. Sologenic had the first well functioning and well established NFT marketplace for example (At least from an enduser-perspective).


At you are able to trade xrpledger based currencies. For example: XRP for Solo or Solo for XRP.

XRP-ledger trading is however a bit complicated for those that are new, we always recommend you to really educate yourself before starting.

But to start you out: Be aware of false tokens, be aware of tokens with high spread and/or low liquidity.

XRPL based NFTs

The XRP Ledger has adapted to the Non Fungible Token space, right now NFT's are growing larger and larger, and Sologenic is a part of that growth. At you are able to mint (create) and trade NFT's. And we're not talking only pictures, we're also talking Music and Motion Videos.

The best part of NFT's at the XRP-Ledger is that there's no gas-fees when you trade them. At present time 2022-12 there's a minting fee of 3 solo tokens for the creators.

A Fiat On-Ramp

Sologenic is integrated with Banxa. That's a Third-party service provider that allows users to purchase XRP and SOLO directly with Fiat money.

They handle the Know Your Customer process and delivery of funds to your wallet. Sologenics part in this was to create a well-oiled system for the process, and so far it seems to be working well.

Always keep in mind that you might need to provide additional information when buying.

BEP-20 Bridge

Sologenic have developed a "bridge" between two different networks, the BEP-20 Binance network and the XRP-Ledger network.

XRP Ledger based tokens on the BEP-20 network can be withdrawn or deposited through the Sologenic bridge.

Solo Cards

There are no solo cards currently, but we have been waiting very patiently for them to arrive.

The information that has been delivered so far is that the cards will work directly with solo, and allow top-ups (Which mean that you probably won't need to attach them to a specific wallet).


XRP Ledger based projects have the ability to list themselves at Sologenic. By listing a project you are able to share information about it and add tokenomic transparency.

The community members are also able to vote for your token to show whether or not they trust it.

Fractional Stock Trading

The Sologenic tokenized asset platform (available in demo mode currently) allows people to trade fractions of stocks. That will be greatly beneficial for a more inclusive and fair economy.

An example of how this could be useful is the tesla stock. At one point it was valued 600 usd, which meant that if you only had 300 usd you wouldn't be able to invest in it. The Sologenic platform would grant you this possibility.

24/7 Trading

Tokenized stocks on Sologenic will be accessible for trading through the XRPLedger. This means that once the stock market closes for the day, Sologenic users will still be able to buy and sell stocks.

The XRPL based stock-trading will only be available for Sologenic users that have completed their KYC.

Sologenic SDKs

Developers are able to utilize the SDKs for various purposes. For example, seamless integration of back-end and front-end applications to interact with the xrpledger, communication with the XRPL, reliable transaction submits on the XRPL, NFT minting, NFT trading and NFT management functions.

Introduction to the Sologenic DEX

Main advantages on XRP-Ledger trading

  • The transaction fees are very low (always below 0.1$).
  • The transaction speed is between 1 and 4 seconds.
  • You trade directly from your cold-wallet, which mean that your fund's aren't stuck at a third party exchange.
  • You can easily look at the orderbook and the ledger to see what kind of holders there are and what kind of offers there are.

Main disadvantages on XRP-Ledger trading

  • Anybody can create a token, for that reason there's a high risk of getting scammed or lured into a project with bad "tokenomics" or false promises and visions (etcetra).
  • There are a lot of fake tokens out there, it is very important that you know what you are doing before you start.
  • It's a bit complex. XRPL is easy when you understand it, but a bit complex if you are inpatient and eager to trade as soon as possible.

What is the purpose of Solo the token?

A lot of cryptocurrency projects actually don't have any use-case for their issued tokens, and they all try to answer the question and end up with some common answers...

The Solo token luckily doesn't have this problem. However, the largest and most meaningful use-case has not arrived yet.

NFT Marketplace Fee

The Sologenic NFT Marketplace requires a fee paid in solo when minting an NFT. That is a protection towards a flooded NFT market.

This fee benefits solo holders by deflating the supply (the fee is automatically burned).

Source: The NFT market place at

Burning Mechanism

Project listing fees, NFT minting fees and trading fees are paid in Solo and burned. What that mean is that the supply is deflating, which should be beneficial for long term holders.

Source: The NFT market place & the Marketplace at

Crypto Cards

Solo tokens will be used in the future crypto cards for payments in real time and in real life.

The cards will be debit and you will be able to top up the cards using solo.

Source: The Card section at

Stock Trading

The tokenization of stocks will be done at the Sologenic stock platform. To be able to trade stocks a trader needs to be registered and verified at (KYC, AML, etcetra).

The stocks are at the XRP-Ledger, and the only people that may trade them are those who are whitelisted. You will be able to trade tokenized stocks with solo.

Source: XRPL devnet, The Whitepaper page 39(40)-42(43) and

Liquidity Providing

Once the Sologenic stock trading platform is up and running Solo holders will be able to provide liquidity with their tokens to help out with the stock tokenization process. To get stocks onboard the trading platform, enough liquidity needs to be available. With other words, users are supposed to be able to pool their tokens and receive rewards in shape of fee's generated by the stock trading.

Source: The Whitepaper page 28(29)

Solo converts to other assets

When users execute “BUY” orders between Crypto assets and non-blockchain assets such as stocks, the system will save the crypto assets to SOLO first and then convert to non-blockchain assets. There will be no additional cost or trading fees for the conversion. SOLO is playing an essential role within the ecosystem since all settlements are by SOLO only.


Pool Orders on ATP

At the Asset Tokenization platform you will be able to use Solo to help with the stock tokenization process, if a stock for example cost 600 usd, then several traders can get together, tokenize it and own fractions of it.

Source: The Whitepaper

A Bridge Currency

Solo will be a trade pair for stocks, and on the xrpledger a transaction always take the route with the lowest fee, when solo is liquid against tokenized stocks, then you'll be able to trade stocks with each other with a minimum amount of slippage.


Automated Market Making

You will be able to use solo in the xrpledger liquidity pools, aka non-custodial automated market maker. It could be beneficial for those that want to earn rewards and not trade.


Gas Fee For Stock Tokenization

Solo will be burned as a "gas fee" for bringing stocks and other real world assets to the xrpledger, a fee is necessary to protect against abuse and micro transfers.

Source: The ATG Whitepaper
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