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Reza Bashash CTO & Co-Founder of Sologenic In a Podcast with The Zen Lounge
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Reza Bashash, the CTO and Co-Founder of Sologenic is attending a Zen Lounge podcast discussing the Sologenic Asset Tokenization Gateway and it's interoperability with Coreum.

Bob Ras, Co-Founder of Sologenic, on Tokenization of Real World Assets, 24/7 Trading, and more
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A discussion about tokenization of stocks, bonds and real estate, 24/7 trading, the xrpledger, cbdc's and more between Bob Ras, the Co-Founder of Sologenic and Cryptonews.

UBRI Connect explains liquidity provision in DeFi and AMM balancing
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This video educates about the economics behind DeFi & AMM.

Why tokenized assets are poised to become a multi-trillion-dollar industry
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This video features Bob Ras in the Nasdaq Trade Talks, he's having a discussion about stocks on blockchain, fractional trading, regulation, sologenic and solonex.

Avoiding Crypto Scams || Tips & Tricks Vol. 2
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This is volume 2 of a series of avoiding scams by Niles. In here you'll learn about The Fake Contract/Trustline Address Scam and the clip scam.

Solo Scrooge is going through some historical Solo moments
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This video includes some historical moments for Sologenic

Avoiding Crypto Scams - Some helpful warnings
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This is volume 1 of a series of avoiding scams by Niles. In here you'll learn about The Pump And Dump Scheme, The Fake Airdrop Scam & The Non-Sense Airdrop Scam.

Video is created by @NilesRiver3

Sologenic featured by XRP Deutschland
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Here's a videoclip for those that understand german, sologenic is being discussed by "XRP Deutschland".

Tokenization with Sologenic/Favio Velarde & Uphold CRO/Nancy Beaton
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This video is a seminar with sologenic and uphold discussing tokenization and cryptocurrency. Favio Velarde from Sologenic is talking with Nancy Beaton from Uphold.

What Is Rippling?
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Rippling simply refers to a process of settlement between multiple parties who have trustlines for the same token. More specifically, rippling is a setting on a trustline that can either enable or disable the interchangeability of currencies with the same ticker and different issuing accounts. When transacting on the XRP Ledger, rippling can create capital efficiencies by allowing multiple gateways to work as one. Thus, reducing spreads and slippages when trades are executed.

For non issuing accounts, enabling rippling can be undesirable because it lets other users shift obligations between tokens with the same currency code but different issuers.

It’s also worth noting that the process of rippling requires that all parties have established trust lines for the specific token being exchanged. Rippling for XRP Ledger trustlines is disabled by default.

On the Sologenic Dex, you can enable or disable rippling simply by navigating to your wallet portfolio and selecting add asset. Under the show more tab there is an option to enable or disable the rippling flag for the trustline.

In summary, the process of rippling involves updating the balances on the trust lines between the parties involved in a transaction, with the issuer acting as a passive intermediary. This allows for the efficient and secure transfer of value between parties without the need for a central intermediary or clearinghouse.

Further information:

Gatehub Overview - Liquidity On The XRPL
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Niles (@NilesRiver3) has taken the time to introduce his view of Gatehub and how they are working with the xrpledger to increase liquidity, stability and help customers utilize USD and other stable currencies on the xrpledger.

Otto Nino & #sologenic “Tokenize Europe 2025” updates #solonation Solo Decks
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Zen is talking about how tokenization is getting closer and about the NFT marketplace sologenic have built. He mentions how he has purchased a tokenized skateboard, and how this is bringing the world closer to a more tokenized economy.

Sologenic Securities Tokenization AMA (upload)
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Some of the takeaways from the #AMA with Otto & Erik
⁃ High liquidity, efficient settlements
- Global transfer-ability
⁃ Increased transparency on the blockchain
⁃ Low entry-barrier
- Less taxable events, reduced costs
Learn more about Sologenic's Securities Tokenization ecosystem and the highly anticipated upcoming pilot program.

Start tokenizing stocks from Nasdaq and NYSE on Sologenic testnet today:

How money transfer services use Ripple and XRP
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Here's a great explanation of how Ripple products are being used by Ripple partners. The major benefit with using XRP is that you no longer need to pre-fund bank accounts (so called Nostro accounts).

What they call xRapid in this video is today called ODL - On Demand Liquidity.

Sologenic Army mentioned by Digital Perspective
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We're proud to be mentioned by Digital Perspective himself in this video (at 2:40)!

Digital Perspective ( twitter: DigPerspectives youtube: ) has been a xrp researcher for several years, and is one of the most popular out there. He's constantly putting in a lot of effort and energy to provide us with news and knowledge about the next era of finance.

Sologenic Army Featured in the Zen Lounge
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Zen Lounge ( twitter: @Zenwarrior113 youtube: ) is one of the major contributors to the Sologenic community, and we're proud to be featured in a Zen Lounge video. The Zen Lounge group are great for those who are looking for very recent updates and news about Sologenic & Coreum.

Sologenics Favio at Benzinga
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Favio Velarde the Head of Growth and Partnerships at Sologenic sits down with some big hitters in the Defi space explaing how Sologenic is made for institutions through Enterprise Grade Blockchain protocols.

Tokenized Assets Simulator Full Demo
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Here's a video from 2020 showing the sologenic tokenization process. You're able to try this yourself at

Note added 2022-december:
This video contains references to the exchange named Coinfield. That exchange isn't involved with sologenic anymore as it was sold in 2021-september.

Architect of the XRPL David Schwartz breaks down AMM's and the intrinsic value it will bring to decentralization
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Niles explaning Asset Tokenization with Sologenic
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In this video Niles cover some foundational info on tokenization and how Sologenic provides a portal for the tokenization of assets onto the XRP ledger.

Niles explains what AMM and XLS-30 is about
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Niles is explaining how AMM can be beneficial for liquid markets and also how it may affect arbitrage trading.

Favio Velarde Talks with Thinking Crypto at Benzinga Future of Crypto
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Favio Velarde is having a discussion about Sologenic, Coreum, FTX, Crypto Winter, Ripple and XRP at Benzinga.

The final Legal Brief video about the Ripple Lawsuit, with an outcome prediction
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Jeremy Hogan from Legal Briefs has been covering the legendary Ripple lawsuit. Not only was he an expert, he was also very pedagogical and joyful to watch.

What he did for the xrp community will Not be forgotten!

SOLOGENIC - Positively Disrupting the Blockchain Industry
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A video clip created by Pink Digital about all the Sologenic functionalities.

The Future Of Crypto at Benzinga
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Boris Alergant from Ripple and Favio Velarde from Sologenic are discussing DeFi with Sunny Aggarwal from Osmosis, Ronger Wang from Prime Trust. and the Chat Moderator John Servidio from Goodwin Procter LLP.

Sologenic XLS-20 NFT Capabilities Unlocked on the XRPL
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Solo Scrooge reads about XLS-20 NFT's, NFT trade offers, automatic royalties and smart contracts from Sologenics published press-message

Sologenic $SOLO Solving Problems In The Trading Industry
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Solo Scrooge reads about solving problems in the trading industry in the Sologenic White paper.

Sologenic Originals: Unique 3D Avatar NFTs
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The most exclusive NFT collection of avatars lands on the XRPL. A limited collection of avatars professionally designed and 3D modelled for use in metaverse and gaming applications.

Bloomberg's Interview with Sologenic Co-creator Bob Ras at Nasdaq MarketSite
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Bob Ras creator of Sologenic sits down with Bloomberg for an interview diving deep in to the tokenization ecosystem here to revolutionize the asset trading industry. Nasdaq, NYSE, Wall Street all need an update and Sologenic is giving the same opportunities to the retail investors as they are institutional investors all while being on a decentralized exchange with self-custody of assets.

Trade on the Sologenic DEX
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The DEX is a fast, secure & intuitive decentralized exchange built by traders for traders. Offering a limitless trading experience, you can securely trade cryptocurrencies, including SOLO, XRP, and the upcoming tokenized assets such as stocks, ETFs, and commodities from anywhere in the world, 24/7 with the Sologenic DEX. Built on top of the XRP Ledger, the DEX provides interchangeable asset trading and complete self-custody of digital assets through your preferred wallets. The DEX facilitates swift transactions and quick settlements with trading fees as low as $0.000005.

Note added 2022-december:
Today you only need 10 xrp to activate your xrpledger wallet, and 2 xrp each trustline.

Sologenic’s Reza Bashash & Dmitri Litvinovich | DeFi x SOLO 2020 Live AMA
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In this video, Sologenic’s Co-creator Reza Bashash, and Chief Product Office Dmitri Litvinovich answer your questions!

The AMA took place at DeFi x SOLO 2020, but you can watch this replay where they answer your questions about the Sologenic ecosystem and asset tokenization on the XRP Ledger.

Note added 2022-dec:
Coinfield is no longer a part of sologenic, as it was sold in 2021-september

Co-creator Reza Bashash discussing Asset Tokenization on XRP Ledger
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Reza Bashash discusses asset tokenization on the xrpledger.

Bob Ras Introducing Sologenic at Malta AI & Blockchain Summit
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This video is from very early days of Sologenic. In here Bob Ras is introducing the project.

Notes added 2022-12:
Coinfield is no longer a part of sologenic, they were sold in 2021-september

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