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How to set up an Evernode Trustline on XAMAN Wallet

This tutorial will show you how to set up an Evernode trustline on the Xahau network.


To set the trustline, you’ll first need to have activated your Xahau account. You’ll also need at least 0.2 XAH coins available to set the trustline, which are provided for free when you activate your Xahau account.

To get started setting the EVR trustline, first open your Xaman wallet and select the network icon in the upper right hand corner to switch to the Xahau network. Once on the Xahau Network, select the “Add” button to bring up the add a token screen. Here, select Evernode, then select the Evers token. Then at the bottom of the screen, select sign to add token. Once you’ve signed the transaction, setting the Evernode trustline is now complete.

Trustline Info

Evernode (Xahau issuer):

Currency Code:



A warning about trustlines:

Since anybody can create a token on the xrpledger, there exist a lot of false currencies out there. And obviously, if you trade a false currency, you will lose your funds.

For that reason, it is always important to Not trust any website (not even this website) when adding a currency.

Always verify the trustline manually, there are multiple ways to verify a trustline, and we will have a tutorial showing how in the future.

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