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How To Withdraw SOLO from Uphold To A XRPL Wallet

This tutorial will show you how to withdraw SOLO from Uphold to a XRPL Wallet.


Step 1:
Open your Uphold account on a desktop or mobile device. Then, once you’re signed in select the transact tab.

Step 2:
In the transact window, select your SOLO account as the source. Then select the destination box and search “SOLO” and select Sologenic “XRP Ledger Network”. Finally, enter the amount of SOLO tokens you wish to withdraw, and select preview trade.

Step 3:
Enter the public address of the wallet you want to withdraw the SOLO tokens to. Note that a memo is not required for sending assets to a Solo Dex wallet. Finally, select confirm the withdrawal. Once the transaction has been processed successfully, the SOLO tokens will be available in your wallet.

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