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How To View Your XRPL Assets With The Ledger Wallet

This tutorial will show you how to check your XRPL assets with the ledger wallet on


Step 1:

Open your Chrome browser and log on to Then click access the dex.

Step 2:

Connect your ledger wallet to your computer, unlock your device and select the XRP application. Then press connect wallet in the upper right corner of the screen and select Ledger Device. Then follow the prompts to connect your wallet to the dex, and select your active XRP Ledger account.

Step 3:

Once your wallet is connected, hover over the wallet icon in the upper right corner and select view wallet. Here you can view all of your XRP Ledger assets, as well as your XRP Ledger NFT’s.

Also note that you can follow the prompts to connect other XRPL compatible wallets to the Sologenic Dex to view your XRP Ledger assets.

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