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How to transfer XAH tokens between XRPL and XAHAU

This tutorial will show you how to use the Xahau teleport app to transfer tokens between XRPL and XAHAU.


The Xahau Teleport xApp enables the transfer of XAH tokens between the XRP Ledger Network and the Xahau Network. In order to use Xahau Teleport to transfer XAH tokens, you’ll first need to have your Xahau account activated and have the XAH token trustline set in your wallet on the XRP Ledger Network.

To get started using Teleport, first unlock your Xaman Wallet, select the xApps tab at the bottom of the screen, and scroll to select Xahau Teleport.

Then decide which direction you’d like to transfer XAH tokens. In this case, I'm transferring XAH tokens from the XRP Ledger to the Xahau Network. You can toggle the direction by pressing the invert direction button.

To transfer your XAH tokens, select teleport and sign the transaction to confirm the transfer. If you need to switch networks to sign the transaction, your wallet will prompt you to do so before signing. After signing the transaction, the system verifies the transaction and releases the equivalent amount of tokens on the other network.

The XAH tokens that exist on the XRPL are 'IOUs' for the XAH coins that exist on the Xahau network. You can only transfer XAH from your account to the same r-address on the other network, and to maintain efficiency, the minimum transfer amount when using the Xahau Teleport xApp is .5 XAH tokens and the maximum is 1000.

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