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How To Set Up A SOLO Trustline on XRPL With The D'Cent Wallet

This tutorial will teach you how to set a trustline to Solo on the XRP-Ledger with the D'Cent wallet.


Step 1:

Log on to and access the dex.

Step 2:

Ensure your using chrome browser and have the latest version of D’Cent bridge installed on your Mac or PC. If you haven’t installed the bridge yet or your version is out of date, you will automatically be prompted to download the latest version when you try to connect your wallet. Once your D’Cent bridge application is open and running, proceed by following the prompts to connect your wallet.

Step 3:

Once your wallet is connected, navigate to your wallet portfolio and select add asset.

Step 4:

Select Sologenic as the issuer, select SOLO as the currency and change the limit to 400 million.

Step 5:

Click next and sign the transaction with your D’Cent device. And congratulations, setting up your Solo trust line on your D’Cent wallet now is complete.


A warning about trustlines:

Since anybody can create a token on the xrpledger, there exist a lot of false currencies out there. And obviously, if you trade a false currency, you will lose your funds.

For that reason, it is always important to Not trust any website (not even this website) when adding a currency.

Always verify the trustline manually, there are multiple ways to verify a trustline, and we will have a tutorial showing how in the future.

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