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How To Send SOLO From Bitrue to XUMM Wallet

This tutorial will show you how to withdraw Solo from the Bitrue exchange into your XRPLedger based XUMM-wallet. PS: You can use multiple different wallet apps for the same xrpledger address. The wallets are actually just interfaces helping you to communicate with the xrpledger. Your tokens are at the xrpledger, not at xumm.


Step 1:
Ensure you have the SOLO trustline set on your XUMM wallet. Then, copy your XRPL wallet address by pressing the green request button and clicking copy.

Step 2:
Navigate to your Bitrue spot wallet and select your SOLO tokens. Click withdraw and be sure to select the XRPL network for the withdrawal.

Step 3:
Next, paste in your XRPL wallet address that you copied from XUMM into the SOLO address field. Then, select no tag as it is not required for sending XRPL tokens to the XUMM wallet. Then, input the amount of tokens you wish to withdraw.

Step 4:
Finally, press withdraw and complete the prompted verifications. When the transaction has completed you will see your SOLO tokens available in your XUMM wallet. You can view the details of your successful withdrawal in the events tab. Congratulations, sending your SOLO tokens from Bitrue to your XUMM Wallet is now complete.


A warning about deposits and withdrawals:
Always doublecheck your address before sending or receiving a token. The regular recommendation is that you try deposit or withdraw a very small amount before risking larger sums.

A warning about the xrp Memo/Tag:

When you deposit xrpl currencies to centralized exchanges and not your private wallet address (to which you hold the secret seed) you usually need to use a memo or tag. If you fail to do so, there's a high risk that you end up losing your deposit.

However, technically all exchanges are able to dig it up for you.

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