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How to see your XRPL Assets and NFT's on the XRP-ledger

Here's a quick and easy tutorial showing how you easily can look up your XRPL Assets (e.g solo) and NFT's on the XRP-Ledger.

1 - Access The Explorer

The XRPLedger can be reached through various explorers online. All of these explorers show the same numbers and values (but not necessarily the same information, that depends on the creators)

The explorer we show here is

Never put in any secret seed or secret codes in a field online. Make sure that you only put in your Public Wallet Address.

2 - Search for your wallet

Click the three lines in the right corner and type in your wallet in the search-bar.

In this example, we'll use the address of a well-known xrpledger user, rHzWtXTBrArrGoLDixQAgcSD2dBisM19fF .

3 - Click Issued Assets

Once you click at the Assets tab, you will see a list of your XRP Ledger based assets ( also called Tokenized Assets on the XRP Ledger ).

This user holds (currently) 19,570 Solo tokens and 51,98 CSC tokens.

Comma is used as a numeric seperator, dot's are used as a decimal seperator. It is important to not mix those two up.

4 - Click Non-Fungible Tokens

At this page you will see the token unique ID's and Issuers.

What you see in the issuer column is the address of the NFT creator.

When people try to create fake NFT's ( as in using an identical photo and minting it ) they won't have the correct issuer address assigned.

It is always a good thing to carefully look up the token like we did here.

Youtube Guide

We don't have a youtube tutorial yet, but hopefully it is coming soon :)

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