Sologenic - The Largest XRPL Token

How To Look up Tokenomics on the XRP Ledger

This tutorial will teach you how to easily look up tokenomics for tokens issued at the XRP-Ledger.


In order to find token information for assets issued on the XRP Ledger, you can navigate to the market index to view information for XRP Ledger assets. Simply click on an asset to view the token information, including the volume, market cap, blackhole status and more. For a more detailed breakdown on XRPL asset issuer’s accounts, simply copy the issuers address listed in the details section and paste in into an XRP Ledger explorer tool such as Here, we can see that the Sologenic issuer account is blackholed, and here under the issued tab we can see the max supply is about 400 million. This process can be applied to view the issuer account for any XRP ledger asset.




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