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How to check if a XRPL token issuer still can create more tokens

This tutorial will teach you how to make sure that a certain xrpledger based token issuer isn't able to create more tokens.


Hello and welcome to this tutorial on how to determine if a token issued on the XRP Ledger is Black-holed.

Option #1 is to view the market index on

Option #2 is to use the page

Black-holed Accounts:
- Cannot freeze trustlines
- Cannot create new tokens

Non-Black-holed Accounts:
- Can freeze trustlines
- Can create new tokens

Stable Currencies

When it comes to stable currencies ( USD issued by Gatehub for example ), then they usually aren't blackholed.

They should not be blackholed for two reasons:
#1: Regulations might require that certain funds need to be frozen (for example, stolen funds).

#2: When people withdraw their USD, the supply is supposed to shrink, and when people deposit USD the supply is supposed to grow.

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