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How To Buy SOLO With The XUMM Wallet

This tutorial will show how to buy solo coins with the XUMM wallet.


1. Make sure you’ve set up and funded your XUMM wallet. You can fund your wallet by purchasing XRP through the Banxa xAPP, or by sending XRP to your XUMM wallet from another wallet or an exchange.

2. Make sure you have the SOLO trustline set in your wallet. To learn more about how to set the SOLO trustline, and activating your XUMM wallet, you can check out the library of tutorials available at the website linked below.

3. Press on the SOLO trustline in your wallet and select exchange. Then, input the amount of XRP you wish to trade for SOLO tokens and press exchange. This will complete a market order through the XRP Ledger’s native decentralized exchange.

4. Once you’ve read and understood the prompts, accept the exchange and scroll down to slide and confirm the transaction. And congratulations buying SOLO tokens in your XUMM wallet is now complete. You can now view your SOLO tokens in your wallet, and record of your transactions is available in the events tab.

Note that you can also buy SOLO tokens with the XUMM wallet by connecting your wallet to the Sologenic Dex and completing a market or limit order on the Dex.

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