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How To Buy, Sell and Transfer NFTs On The XRP Ledger

This tutorial will show you how to buy, sell and transfer NFT's on the XRP-Ledger.


To start trading NFT’s on Sologenic, first log onto and access the dex. Then press connect wallet and follow the prompts to connect your XRP Ledger wallet.

Once your wallet is connected, you can buy, sell or transfer NFTs on the Sologenic NFT Marketplace.

Once you select the collection, all of the NFTs that are listed for sale in this collection of bears will be displayed. Once you find an NFT that you want to purchase, you can click on the NFT to view more of its data and trade history. You can buy the NFT for the listed price by clicking the BUY NFT button, or you can make an offer to purchase the NFT pressing the MAKE OFFER button and placing a bid.

To make the bid, select the currency you wish to spend, the amount of that currency you wish to bid, and select an expiration date on your bid if desired. Then select confirm and sign the transaction with your wallet on your mobile device.

To sell an NFT that you currently own, first press view wallet to see your wallet portfolio. Then select the NFTs tab. Once you’ve chosen which NFT you want to sell, select the view button to bring up the NFT. Then, select the sell button. On the net page, select the currency you wish to use for the sale, and enter the price of the NFT. After selecting an expiration date preference, select confirm and sign the transaction with your wallet on your mobile device.

If or when a buyer accepts your listed price, the sell transaction will automatically deposit the funds into your wallet.

If you receive a bid on your NFT, you can receive a notification on the Solo Dex wallet app, and a history of all transactions is available in the activity tab. To accept a bid, select the NFT from your wallet portfolio and scroll down to accept any available bids.

You can also transfer an NFT to another wallet, simply by clicking the transfer button, inserting the public address of the XRP Ledger wallet you wish to transfer it to, and selecting next to confirm the transaction with your wallet on your mobile device.

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