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How to activate a XUMM (XRPL) wallet

This tutorial will show you how to activate a xrpl wallet (XUMM is being used in this case).


Once you have installed and set up your wallet as we covered in our previous tutorial, you will need to send a minimum 10 XRP to activate the wallet on the XRPL. To send the XRP to this wallet, you’ll need to use any service that allows you to obtain XRP and withdraw it to your account on the XRP Ledger. You can buy XRP directly through XUMM, send XRP from another wallet or send XRP from an exchange. On the XUMM Home Screen, there’s an address displayed for your XRP Ledger account. This is where you can send XRP. And note that a memo is not required for sending XRP to a XUMM wallet account.

Step 1:
Open the XUMM app and copy the public address of the wallet you wish to activate.

Step 2:
Navigate to the account that you’ll be sending the XRP from and paste the public address of the wallet you wish to activate. Remember that you need to send a minimum of 10 XRP to activate the new wallet.

Step 3:
Press send and watch as the XRP is sent, thus activating your new wallet.
And congratulations, activating your XUMM wallet is now complete.

General Info

XUMM is an interface communicating with the XRPLedger. Your wallet is actually at the XRPLedger and not xumm. However, XUMM is the most popular wallet software and will help you actually spend your crypto on the xrpledger.

The activation deposit, also known as the account reserve, becomes locked into your account on the XRP Ledger. Later, if you delete the account, most of the 10 XRP deposit will be returned to you. The account opening minimum deposit is held on the XRP Ledger according to the XRP ledger’s internal rules. Your account activation deposit will be locked on the blockchain and will remain locked until you delete your XRP Ledger account on the blockchain. No one earns money on this deposit and exists for the purpose of preventing spam accounts on the ledger. As long as your account is active, you can’t spend or unlock the minimum deposit amount. And finally, you can always find more information about activating a XUMM wallet on the XUMM help center linked below.

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