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Gatehub USD Tutorial: Deposits, Withdrawls & Trades

This tutorial will teach you and show you how the gatehub system works and how their stable coins are regulated.


More information on Gatehub:

Questions covered:
How do you sign up to Gatehub and what KYC is required?

What currencies are supported by Gatehub and for what countries?

How do you buy Gatehub USD on the XRPL?

Do you need a KYC to utilize Gatehub USD on the XRPL?

How do you withdraw Gatehub USD to your bank account?

Where do you hold Gatehub USD?


A warning about trustlines:

Since anybody can create a token on the xrpledger, there exist a lot of false currencies out there. And obviously, if you trade a false currency, you will lose your funds.

For that reason, it is always important to Not trust any website (not even this website) when adding a currency.

Always verify the trustline manually, there are multiple ways to verify a trustline, and we will have a tutorial showing how in the future.


The Gatehub wallet is actually just an interface that communicates with the XRP-Ledger.

Your assets are on the XRPLedger, and you can use several different interfaces to access them.

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