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Sologenic Launches SOLONEX, CBDC Tokenization Solutions

July 4, 2023
Short Summary

“The launch of SOLONEX and our CBDC Tokenization Solution represent Sologenic’s most pivotal innovations to-date. By leveraging the XRP Ledger’s efficiency and scalability, we’re empowering global financial institutions to partake in the tokenization revolution.” - Reza Bashash CTO of Sologenic

“The introduction of SOLONEX signals a groundbreaking shift in the interplay between blockchain and finance. Our integration with Fireblocks strengthens Sologenic’s dedication to ensuring secure, forward-thinking transformations in this arena.” - Bob Ras Sologenic’s Co-Founder

“Fireblocks’ scalable and highly-secure technology was created to support innovative companies like Sologenic. Our institutional-grade key management technology ensures peace of mind as customers manage their day-to-day digital asset operations as they create the financial products of tomorrow.” - Stephen Richardson Managing Director of Financial Markets at Fireblocks

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