Sologenic - The Largest XRPL Token

Sologenic Brings attention to successfull DeFi at Benzinga

December 8, 2022
Yahoo Finance
Short Summary

Sologenic wants DeFi to learn from CeFi's mistakes. Sologenic is built on xrpl and offers several financial services in the DeFi niche. The DEX is specifically designed for traders, enterprise and institutinal players and offer 24/7 trading, fractional trading and cross trading between assets to avoid additional capital gain taxes.

Sologenic intends to fully tokenize stocks, ETF's and securities and is ready for mass integration into Decentralized financial systems.

Recently, after the insolvency and bankcrupty crisis due to centralized crypto ecosystems, sologenic has experienced a growing interest in their proof of solvency mechanism. That mechanism provides a way for anyone to audit Sologenics reserves and confirm the value of underlying assets.

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