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We haven't added any tracking cookie on this website, and we have no plans to do so either. However, we have youtube embedded, which mean that youtube could track the videos you watch and that could lead into targeted marketing by youtube advertisers and/or youtube themselves.


Almost all webservers store ip addresses, screen resolution and webbrowser type/name. The reason for that is to keep bots, spams and hackers away. This information gets stored in a logfile. The logfile on this server is erased every 2 months. The information would however be useless to almost everyone. BUT (just to educate), we are moving towards a cookie-free marketing era, and your ip address could be used for targeting ads in the future. Not by us though, and nor would we ever share any trafficlogs.

Since you have no way to leave a comment or leave any personal information, there shouldn't be anything to complain about here!

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