Sologenic - The Largest XRPL Token

How To Buy XRP Through The Sologenic Dex With Banxa

This tutorial will show how easy it is to purchase XRP through Sologenic via Banxa.


Step 1:
Log on to and access the dex. Then, connect your wallet.

Step 2:
Choose the fiat amount you wish to use to make a purchase and select a payment method to create your order.

Step 3:
Input your contact details, verify your email, enter your personal details and submit your verification.

Step 4:
Enter your payment information and select make payment. The summary and status of your order can be viewed on this page, and can also be viewed via the email you received from Banxa after submitting your payment.

Once your order has been completed and fulfilled, you can now view the XRP you purchased in your wallet. A ledger of your transaction is also available in the transaction history.

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